Description of the smart cities from the Minister Kurum... TOKI will have smart homes

Environment and Urbanism Minister Murat Kurum, announced "National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan". Minister Kurum said, there are 440 thousand applications for social housing. The Minister said that they will increase the size of the natural protected area from 9 percent to 17 percent. For 100 thousand social housing project, so far 440 thousand applications already made, the Minister said.


As of yesterday, we have completed the EIA process for Kanal İstanbul and announced it for 10 days in order to leave it to the savings of our people. Within 10 days, we will receive positive / negative reviews for the EIA report and we will have completed the EIA process.

While preparing the EIA report, all the details regarding our environment and nature with NGOs and universities were taken into consideration.

As mentioned, this process was not carried out only within the Ministry. A joint study was carried out with all relevant municipalities in which the largest stakeholder was carried out together with IBB.

The President of IBB states that he has withdrawn from the joint protocol. He is not entitled to withdraw from the unilateral protocol. You can give up the protocols with the decisions of the Assembly. Our group vice president is here. Therefore, you cannot give up a protocol in which the Assembly has not decided. If you give up, you will have all material and legal responsibilities. We did not do any projects that our citizens do not want, we will not. The Municipality is serving the citizens. In the 6-month period the president needs to look at what projects he has produced. We have developed projects for 82 million citizens and will continue to do so.

We will establish the city on both sides of the Kanal İstanbul with a smart city concept. With the Kanal İstanbul project, we will present two exemplary smart cities that will inspire İstanbul to breathe with traffic, social equipment and green spaces.